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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Zflyers? : Zflyers is a website offering all types of design services using pre-build templates in order to keep the prices as low as possible.
  • Do we offer custom designs? : Yes we can do custom designs as well (contact us here for more info on custom work)
  • How Fast will i receive my order? : It depends on what you select for delivery time per item when adding to cart. By default we offer no more than 6 Business Days (Business days excludes weekends and major holidays) However you can expedite your order when adding your product to cart.
  • How will I Receive my order ? : When our designer is done creating your product, we will attach to your account. You will be able to go to my account section , login  with your Username & PW and see all your purchased products. We will also email you with a notification that your product has been finished, and possibly with the file attached depending on size.
  • What is a Pic Transformation? : A pic transformation is a term we use to transform an original picture that you send us ( the higher the quality the better) and we will transform it into a Sketch , Cartoon version , and others.
  • Do you touch up pics or better the quality? : Yes we can manipulate colors to bring out the best in the pic like HDR , Toning, Cinematic exposures, etc (This section Coming soon with a whole lot of presets ready) However we can’t make miracles and pics that are already pixelated or compressed to small dimensions will never look the same as a High Quality picture. (we can do our best though to enhance it.)


Fill out the form below if you have any questions for us. Email is the best way to communicate with us (but we are looking into alternate ways also)




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